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Ningbo Onuo lighting technology Co., Ltd. is a professional China Indoor LED Light Manufacturers and OEM/ODM Indoor Light Factory. Plant area of more than 30,000 square meters, more than 300 employees.The subsidiary shell Kit factory was established in 2013, is a research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the LED professional manufacturers, and established its own mold factory in 2012.The company is located in yuyao city, Zhejiang province, which is known as "plastic kingdom" and "mold capital". It is about 40 kilometers away from Ningbo Lishe Airport and about 2 kilometers away from the entrance of Hangyong Expressway, with convenient transportation, well-informed information and comfortable environment.

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1. What are the features of our products?
As an Indoor Led Light manufacturer, we are committed to providing diverse and superior quality products. Our products are characterized by design innovation, high performance and versatility.
For example, our product line covers various types of LED lighting fixtures, including but not limited to:
Chandeliers and pendant lamps: We offer a variety of chandeliers, from classic crystal chandeliers to modern and simple metal chandeliers, each of which is carefully designed to add unique style and light and shadow effects to the indoor space.
Recessed and Surface Mount Luminaires: Our recessed and surface mount luminaires can be designed to meet customer needs, meeting both functionality and aesthetic standards. For example, our recessed lighting fixtures are suitable for commercial spaces that require even light distribution, such as offices or shops.
Dimmable and color temperature-adjustable lamps: Our product line includes lamps with brightness and color temperature adjustment functions, allowing users to freely adjust the light intensity and color according to different scenes and needs, creating an ideal atmosphere for the space.
Customized design: In addition to regular products, we also provide customized design services to meet the special needs of customers. Whether you are customizing lighting fixtures for hotels, restaurants or private residences, we are able to provide professional custom solutions.
Our product design team constantly pursues innovation and combines the latest LED technology to not only provide efficient lighting solutions, but also to integrate into different styles and scenes to create unique and exquisite indoor lighting experiences for customers.

2. How does our manufacturing process ensure quality?
We focus on every aspect of the production process to ensure product quality and reliability. Our manufacturing process follows strict standards and quality control to ensure every product meets high standards.
As an example, our manufacturing processes include:
Strict raw material selection: We select high-quality LED chips, heat dissipation materials and housing materials to ensure product reliability and stability.
Advanced production technology: We use advanced production equipment and technology, such as SMT patches, automated assembly lines, etc., to ensure product production accuracy and consistency.
Quality control and testing: During the production process, we conduct strict quality control and testing, including optical performance testing, electrical performance testing and durability testing, etc., to ensure that the product meets or exceeds expected performance standards.
Continuous improvement and research and development: Our team continuously carries out technological innovation and product improvement to meet changing market needs and ensure that our products are industry-leading.
We are committed to ensuring that each product undergoes strict quality control to ensure that customers receive high-quality, reliable and long-lasting LED lighting products.

3. How do we meet the diverse needs of our customers?
As a manufacturer of Indoor Led Lights, we understand the diversity of customer needs, so providing individual solutions is one of our strengths.
For example, our customer service team works closely with customers to gain a deep understanding of their needs and expectations. Not only do we offer standard products, we are also able to provide customized design solutions based on our customers' specific requirements.
We can customize designs for specific projects, such as:
Design customized lighting fixtures for hotels: We can design suitable lighting fixtures according to the hotel's style and atmosphere, from chandeliers in the lobby to table lamps in guest rooms, providing unique lighting solutions for hotels.
Customized lighting solutions for commercial spaces: For shops, offices or exhibition spaces, we can provide flexible lighting designs to meet the needs of different spaces and create ideal visual effects for customers.
Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, whether in terms of product features, manufacturing processes or customized services, we are committed to providing customers with the highest quality indoor LED lighting solutions.