ON-MNF01 Round 2700K 4000K 6500K Colour Temperature Downlight Wholesale

ON-MNF01 Round 2700K 4000K 6500K Colour Temperature Downlight

ON-MNF01 Round 2700K 4000K 6500K Colour Temperature Downlight

  • ON-MNF01 Round 2700K 4000K 6500K Colour Temperature Downlight
  • ON-MNF01 Round 2700K 4000K 6500K Colour Temperature Downlight
  • ON-MNF01 Round 2700K 4000K 6500K Colour Temperature Downlight


Product Introduction:

●The shell is made of PC alloy plastic with high strength; High pressure static surface, corrosion resistant.

●LED light source is selected, with high light efficiency, high color rendering, low light attenuation, and low energy consumption.

●Scientific lighting design, suitable for small area floodlighting.

●The dual chamber integrated design facilitates on-site installation and maintenance, simplifying on-site wiring.

●Scientific sealing structure design, dustproof performance.

●The selected power module has short-circuit, overvoltage, and overcurrent protection functions.

●The unique heat dissipation and ventilation method adopts conductive heat dissipation, which improves the service life of the components inside the electrical box.

Mini spot is suitable for lighting various cabinets, jewelry, wine cabinets, and other places.

Rated voltage: 220-240V

Luminous angle: 24 °

Power: 1W

IP: 20

Item No. Colour Temperature Voltage(V) But CE Watt
SMD2835 Luminous Flux(lm) CRI PF Beam angle Hole size SIZE
Material Color Box 300 Grams White Card Brightening Film Loadability Carton size(CM)
Length Width Height
ON-MNF01 2700K
Round-1w 1PCS 60LM/W 80 0.5 38° 25mm Φ32.2*H22mm PA+PC 75*35*75MM 200 34.5 17.5 14.5

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Industry Knowledge

1.Introduce the ON-MNF01 Round 2700K 4000K 6500K Colour Temperature Downlight
The ON-MNF01 Round 2700K 4000K 6500K Colour Temperature Downlight is a versatile lighting solution designed to meet a range of lighting preferences and requirements. With three selectable color temperatures – 2700K, 4000K, and 6500K – this downlight offers flexibility in creating different atmospheres within a space. The warmer 2700K option is ideal for creating a cozy and relaxed ambiance, while the neutral 4000K temperature provides a balanced and natural light suitable for various tasks. The cooler 6500K temperature simulates daylight, promoting alertness and focus.
Operating within a voltage range of AC110-240V at 50/60Hz, this downlight ensures compatibility with a standard electrical supply. The Round-1w design, with 85% energy efficiency, makes it an eco-friendly choice that contributes to energy savings. The use of SMD2835 technology with 1 piece ensures reliable and efficient performance, delivering a luminous flux of 60LM/W.
Featuring a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80, this downlight accurately represents colors, making it suitable for applications where color clarity is essential. The PF (Power Factor) of 0.5 indicates its power efficiency. The downlight is designed with a 38° beam angle, providing focused illumination in specific areas. The construction material, a combination of PA+PC, ensures durability and longevity.
This ON-MNF01 Round Downlight is not only a practical lighting solution but also a design element that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. Whether used in residential settings for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere or in commercial environments to highlight specific areas, this downlight offers a customizable and efficient lighting solution. Its combination of color temperature options, energy efficiency, and durable construction makes it a versatile choice for a variety of applications.

2.The significance of having multiple color temperature options in a Temperature Downlight
Having multiple color temperature options in the ON-MNF01 Round 2700K 4000K 6500K Colour Temperature Downlight offers significant advantages in terms of flexibility, adaptability, and creating the desired ambiance in various settings. 
Adaptability to Different Tasks: Different tasks or activities may require varying levels of brightness and color temperature. For instance, a cooler color temperature (e.g., daylight) is often preferred for tasks that require focus and attention to detail, such as reading or working on a computer. On the other hand, a warmer color temperature (e.g., warm white) can create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, suitable for break areas or meetings.
Enhanced Comfort and Well-Being: The ability to adjust the color temperature allows users to create a lighting environment that aligns with their preferences and enhances overall comfort. For instance, during the morning, a cooler color temperature can simulate natural daylight, promoting alertness. In the evening, a warmer color temperature can mimic the softer tones of sunset, contributing to a more relaxed and calming atmosphere.
Circadian Rhythm Alignment: Lighting that mimics the natural changes in color temperature throughout the day can help regulate the body's circadian rhythm. Exposure to cooler temperatures in the morning can promote wakefulness, while warmer temperatures in the evening can signal the body to wind down, supporting better sleep quality.
Aesthetic Appeal and Ambiance: Different color temperatures can create varying aesthetics and moods within a space. For example, a cooler color temperature may lend a modern and vibrant feel to a room, while a warmer temperature can contribute to a cozy and inviting ambiance. The ability to switch between color temperatures allows for dynamic and versatile lighting designs.
Retail and Display Environments: In retail settings, the color temperature of lighting can influence the way products are perceived. Multiple color temperature options allow retailers to showcase merchandise in the most flattering light, enhancing product appearance and potentially influencing purchasing decisions.
Photography and Artistic Applications: In spaces where photography or art is showcased, the ability to adjust color temperatures is crucial. This ensures that colors are accurately represented, and the intended artistic vision is preserved.
Meeting Various User Preferences: Different individuals may have varying preferences when it comes to lighting. Providing multiple color temperature options allows users to customize the lighting environment based on their individual preferences, promoting satisfaction and well-being.
Compatibility with Architectural Elements: Multiple color temperature options can be used to complement and highlight architectural features within a space. For example, accentuating warmer tones in certain areas can draw attention to specific design elements.