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Ningbo Onuo lighting technology Co., Ltd. is a professional China LED Flood Light Suppliers and Custom Flood Light Manufacturers. Plant area of more than 30,000 square meters, more than 300 employees.The subsidiary shell Kit factory was established in 2013, is a research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the LED professional manufacturers, and established its own mold factory in 2012.The company is located in yuyao city, Zhejiang province, which is known as "plastic kingdom" and "mold capital". It is about 40 kilometers away from Ningbo Lishe Airport and about 2 kilometers away from the entrance of Hangyong Expressway, with convenient transportation, well-informed information and comfortable environment.

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1. Characteristics and advantages of Led Flood Light
What are the unique characteristics and advantages of LED floodlights compared to traditional lighting?
High energy efficiency:
Led Flood Light use LED as the light source, which is more energy efficient than traditional floodlights. LED light sources can convert more electrical energy into light energy instead of heat energy, which means that LED floodlights consume less energy while providing the same lighting effect.
For example: A traditional metal halide floodlight is compared with an LED floodlight of the same brightness. The energy efficiency of metal halide floodlights is usually between 70-80 lm/W, while the energy efficiency of LED floodlights can reach more than 100 lm/W. This means that under the same lighting brightness, LED floodlights can save more energy.
long life:
LED floodlights have a longer service life, usually reaching tens of thousands of hours. This is due to the characteristics of LED itself, whose life span is far longer than that of traditional light sources, such as incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps.
For example: Traditional fluorescent lamps generally have a lifespan of about 8,000-10,000 hours, while LED floodlights can have a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours, or even longer. This means that the longer life of LED floodlights means less replacement lamps and maintenance costs, making them more economical and practical in long-term use.
energy saving:
LED floodlights are environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful substances such as mercury. They can also reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. LED light sources are more in line with modern society's requirements for environmental protection and sustainable development.
For example: LED floodlights are more energy efficient and can convert most of the electrical energy into visible light without generating too much heat. Most of the electrical energy of traditional incandescent lamps is converted into heat, and only a small part is converted into visible light. Therefore, the energy efficiency is low and the energy is wasted.
These characteristics give LED floodlights significant advantages in modern lighting, not only saving energy and reducing maintenance costs, but also being more environmentally friendly. LED floodlights are widely used in commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting, providing efficient and reliable lighting solutions for various scenarios.

2. Application areas of Led Flood Lights
In what scenarios and fields are LED floodlights widely used?
Outdoor landscape lighting: Led Flood Lights are widely used in outdoor landscape lighting. They are used to illuminate buildings, billboards, landscapes, parks, etc. These lamps can provide uniform, bright and energy-saving lighting effects, improve the night environment and beautify the urban landscape.
Sports venues and open-air activity venues: LED floodlights are often used in sports venues and open-air activity venues, such as football fields, basketball courts, open-air stages, etc. These lamps can provide strong and uniform lighting, ensuring a good visual experience and safety, allowing spectators and athletes to enjoy the event with sufficient lighting.
Industrial applications: In industrial places, LED floodlights also play an important role and are used to provide large-scale lighting, such as warehouses, factories, and parking lots. They provide continuous, even lighting, enhancing workplace safety and efficiency.

3. Industry trends and development directions of Led Flood Lights
What are the future development trends and directions of LED floodlights?
Intelligent control: In the future, LED floodlights may tend to have more intelligent control systems. Through smart sensors and automation systems, LED lamps can adaptively adjust according to ambient light and needs, achieving more intelligent lighting.
Higher performance and reliability: With the advancement of technology, the performance of LED floodlights will continue to improve, including higher brightness, better color reproduction and more reliable work efficiency. This means that LED floodlights will be used in more areas and can better meet the needs of different scenarios.
Sustainable development: The development of LED floodlights will also pay more attention to sustainable development. This means a more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and durable design, while reducing the consumption of resources, thereby better meeting the needs of green environmental protection.