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Ningbo Onuo lighting technology Co., Ltd. is a professional China LED Moisture-proof Lamps Suppliers and Custom Moisture-proof Lamps Manufacturers. Plant area of more than 30,000 square meters, more than 300 employees.The subsidiary shell Kit factory was established in 2013, is a research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the LED professional manufacturers, and established its own mold factory in 2012.The company is located in yuyao city, Zhejiang province, which is known as "plastic kingdom" and "mold capital". It is about 40 kilometers away from Ningbo Lishe Airport and about 2 kilometers away from the entrance of Hangyong Expressway, with convenient transportation, well-informed information and comfortable environment.

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1. Why choose our Moisture-proof Lamps?
How do Moisture-proof Lamps meet customer needs and provide unique advantages?
Moisture-proof performance: Our humidity-protected lights use high-quality materials and sealing technology to ensure they can withstand moisture, protecting the fixture from moisture and oxidation. These lamps are usually equipped with high-quality waterproof sealing rings or special coatings to ensure long-term stable operation in humid environments.
For example, our humidity protection lamps are widely used in industrial workshops, such as food processing plants. These environments are often filled with steam and moisture, and our products can withstand the moisture in these environments, providing reliable and stable lighting and avoiding lighting failures caused by moisture in the lamps.
Wide Applicability: Whether it is industrial, commercial or outdoor environments, our humidity protection lights can adapt to different humid conditions. They are extremely adaptable and can be installed in a variety of locations, from kitchens and bathrooms to car parks and outdoor billboards.
For example, in outdoor parking lots, our humidity protection lights can withstand rain and humid weather, providing bright and stable lighting to enhance visual clarity and safety for vehicle drivers.
Safe and reliable: The uniquely designed waterproof structure and safety certification ensure the safe operation of the humidity protection lamp in humid environments. They are usually certified for water resistance, such as IP65 or IP66, indicating that they can maintain stable performance in wet or dusty environments.
For example, in underground parking applications, our humidity protection lamps meet waterproof standards, which can prevent water from entering the lamps and ensure stable operation in humid environments to avoid short circuits or other safety issues.

2. How do Moisture-proof Lamps improve environmental safety?
Moisture-proof Lamps play an important role in various industrial and commercial locations, especially in high humidity environments. How do they improve environmental safety?
Waterproof and moisture-proof: The humidity protection lamp has good waterproof performance and can operate stably even in high humidity environments. They usually use waterproof materials and special sealing designs to prevent moisture or water vapor from entering the interior of the lamp, ensuring the safety and stable performance of the lamp.
For example, in hospital operating rooms or laboratories, our humidity-protected lights are designed with a waterproof rating to withstand moisture and cleaning agents, ensuring stable lighting and a safe working environment.
Stable Lighting: Our humidity guard lights provide stable, even lighting, even in humid or humid environments. They are designed to ensure long-term stable operation of the luminaire and avoid light flickering or unstable lighting conditions caused by humidity issues.
For example, in the clean room of a food processing plant, our humidity protection lights can provide stable lighting, keeping the light even and stable even in environments with high humidity and detergents, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.
Durable and durable: Our humidity protection lights are designed with waterproof materials and structures to ensure long-term stable operation in harsh environments. This not only reduces maintenance costs, but also reduces the need for frequent replacement of lamps and improves environmental safety.
For example, in high-humidity environments such as docks or shipyards in coastal areas, our humidity protection lights can operate stably for a long time, resist seawater climate and high humidity, and ensure safe lighting and environmental safety.

3. Can Moisture-proof Lamps meet the needs of different industries?
Different industries have different lighting needs. Can humidity protection lights cope with the requirements of different industries?
Industrial field: In industrial production workshops or factories, humidity protection lights can withstand a variety of harsh environmental conditions, ensure stable lighting effects, improve work efficiency and ensure worker safety.
For example, our humidity protection lamps are widely used in paint booths in automobile manufacturing plants. These environments often require protection from high humidity and chemicals, and our products perform reliably, ensuring lighting quality and worker safety for spray painting jobs.
Commercial Use: Whether it is a retail store, supermarket or entertainment venue, humidity protection lights provide reliable lighting while resisting moisture and humidity, ensuring customer comfort and safety.
For example, in the shower locker room of the swimming pool, our Moisture-proof Lamps are waterproof and moisture-proof, ensuring that bright lighting is provided in humid environments while meeting the comfort and safety requirements of customers.
Outdoor applications: Humidity protective lights are also suitable for outdoor places, such as open-air parking lots, open-air billboards, etc., to maintain stable lighting under various weather conditions and enhance visual clarity and safety.